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We are a tattoo shop located in Leesburg, Florida. It is our vision is to create a shop where artist can work together for a common goal to better ourselves in the craft of tattooing. A shop where our clients feel comfortable and enjoy their experience. Our goal is to work as hard as we can for our family/artists and our clients for as long as we can. The shop’s artist were hand chosen for their unique styles and talents, and we aim to go above and beyond all your expectations.

How do I make an appointment?

You can click the link in the menu, give us a call, or come by the shop to make an appointment. We require a deposit to hold a spot in our schedule, this deposit goes towards the total price of your tattoo. We typically will have you come by one one time before the appointment to check out the drawing and to make sure nothing has to be changed. We like to have everything ready for the appointment so the client doesn’t have to pay for drawing time and we can keep on pace with our schedule.

How old do I have to be to get a piercing or a tattoo?

To get a tattoo in the city of Leesburg you must be 18 with positive identification. For a piercing it is 18 with positive ID or 16 with parental consent. The birth certificate of the minor and identification of a parent must be presented at time of service.

But I already have a tattoo, can you fix it even though I’m not 18?

No, we can’t now, but once you turn 18 we will be glad to help you out. Each state and even city, sets different guidelines for age restrictions on piercings and tattoos.

Once I have a Tattoo how do I take care of it?

Two hours after the tattoo was finished take the wrapping off and wash with antibacterial soap. (non scented is best) Making sure to remove any dried blood spots as this will help with color retention. Blot dry with a clean towel and apply a thin covering of A&D ointment. You will want to apply the ointment a few times over the course of a day (each person’s skin absorbs the ointment differently so it may be 4 times for one person and 7 times for another the key is to make sure the tattoo never dries out) making sure that tattoo remains moist throughout the entire day. Repeat applying the ointment for one week (7 days). For the second week you will want to apply a non scented hand lotion (we recommend something like Lubriderm) to the tattoo. You will want to apply the lotion a few times a day making sure the tattoo never dries out. These steps will ensure your tattoo to heal quickly and with great color retention. If you have questions come by the shop and we will be glad to help you out.

I want a finger or foot tattoo?

Scab prevention is number 1 in tattoo healing. What this means is any where that rubs, is in water constantly (ie hand washing/glove wearing), or you can’t apply ointment frequently will have a harder time healing. If you are not ok with a faded tattoo or having to pay to touch up these tattoos we do not recommend this location for you.

I heard getting a tattoo is extremely painful do you have anything that can help me with the pain?

No, dont be a wuss.

Are your needles safe?

All of the needles we use in tattooing or piercing are brand new out of the package for each and every client. We do not sterilize and reuse needles every needle is single use disposable . We also sterilize all the equipment that isn’t one use in a steam type autoclave. Our autoclave undergoes monthly spore testing to ensure proper sterile autoclaving and is kept on file at the shop and the Board of Health.

What kind of training does your artist have?

Our artist have had training in CPR, First Aid, OSHA blood-borne pathogens, and a skin course for tattooing.

How much does a tattoo cost?

It is extremely hard to quote a tattoo just from a description or even a picture. We require hopeful clients to stop by the shop to size the tattoo to the clients body ensuring a best fit. Many factors are incorporated into a tattoos price but mainly are priced based on size. Our shop minimum is $75 for tattoos.

Martin Hildebrandt

“During the war times, I have never had a moment of idle time. I marked thousands of sailors and soldiers, put the names of hundreds of soldiers on their arms or breasts. Also, many were recognized by these marks after being killed or wounded.” (New York Times, Jan. 16th, 1876)”

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